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From Doodles to Dollars®

FREE 5-Day Challenge

Have you always dreamed of putting your designs on fabric?

But maybe a parent or teacher told you that you didn't have enough talent...

Or they said you can't make any money at art so you gave up on your dream.

Join me for the return of my famous "Doodles" 5-Day Challenge. I'm going to teach you how to start from scratch and create your first repeating pattern using the magic of Adobe Illustrator.

Let's get going!

Did you catch this? I'm teaching this for FREE!



Here's What's Happening in the 5-Day Challenge.


VIDEO LESSON: We'll get started by bringing one of your own sketches into Adobe Illustrator. I'll give you a tour inside because it's totally fine if this is the very first time you're opening the program.


VIDEO LESSON: Are you ready to add color to your doodles? I'll teach you three different ways to add color to your doodles or sketches. This part of the process is SO. MUCH. FUN.


VIDEO LESSON: This is when the magic happens. By following my "3 Golden Rules", you'll create your first repeating pattern successfully. The feeling of joy and accomplishment is A-MAZ-ING. 


VIDEO LESSON: The Pattern Design Academy®! I'm going to tell you why surface design is full of opportunities for you to get your art on fabric, stationery and much, much more. If not now, when?

This entirely FREE and jam packed challenge is called: From Doodles to Dollars® and students who've taken it in the past absolutely RAVE about it and always come back to take it again. 

THE CHALLENGE SCHEDULE: Videos lessons are released at 10am pacific time & the zoom calls take place at 10am pacific time as well. 

+ AUGUST 16: VIDEO LESSON. Sketch and import your doodles into Adobe Illustrator. I've got your back if you've never opened the program before. 

+ AUGUST 17: Live ZOOM - The 7 ways to sell your art as a surface designer + Live Q&A

+ AUGUST 18: VIDEO LESSON. Learn 3 different ways to add color to your sketches and doodles. 

+ AUGUST 19: Live ZOOM. One lucky student will be chosen for a LIVE trouble shooting session on their design.

+ AUGUST 20: VIDEO LESSON. Create your first (or next) repeating pattern by following my famous "3 Golden Rules". 

+ AUGUST 21: Live ZOOM. The 3 secrets to success as a surface pattern designer. And another lucky student will be chosen for a LIVE trouble shooting session on their design.

+ AUGUST 22: The Pattern Design Academy® - Your next step to getting your art on fabric, stationery and much much more. 

+ AUGUST 23: Live ZOOM. "Ask Me Anything" about surface design and a sneak peek inside my Academy® course and coaching program.


This 5-Day Challenge is FREE but you have to register. Submit your information below. I only offer this program once a year. Class starts on August 16 and replays will be available for all the sessions for a limited time only. 

See you there!

What Supplies Do You Need?

Here's exactly what you need to take full advantage of this FREE 5 Day Challenge:

  • A computer or a laptop. You can use a Mac computer or a PC computer - either is fine.
  • A subscription to Adobe Illustrator. Click HERE to get it now or wait and download the free trial on Tuesday when the Challenge starts
  • A few of your sketches or doodles. We're going to start off quickly by importing your sketches into Illustrator on Day 1 of the Challenge. Don't worry! I show you how to do this in Lesson 1.
  • A smartphone or a scanner. You'll import one of your sketches by taking a photo of it or by scanning it. Either works just fine. 
  • Your enthusiasm, creativity and joy!

Hi there! I'm Anne LaFollette

Were you creative as a child but the idea of pursuing your passion was "poo-poohed" by those around you?

My creativity was encouraged but I didn't have any role models around me to show me the way so I gave up on it. 

I spent 25 years in a corporate job until, out of the blue, my boss fired me. In retrospect, it was the best thing that ever happened because I'd probably still be in that job if he hadn't given me the boot. 

Leaning into my creativity at the age of 58 was challenging. I didn't know where to start or what I wanted to do exactly. I've created this free 5-Day Challenge to introduce you to the wonderful world of surface design which, along with teaching, is my passion. 

This FREE Challenge runs from August 16 to August 23. Come check it out. I think you'll love it. 

Grab your seat today!


From Doodles to Dollars®

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