I'm Anne LaFollette, pattern designer and creative coach. I love to share my passion for pattern design with anyone who is willing to listen. It's never too late to create!

Bring Your Art to Life

In this introduction to pattern design class, you'll learn how to turn your sketches or doodles into a repeating pattern so that you can make your own beautiful wrapping paper. Sign up and learn pattern design in a new, fun and unique way!


Art Prints

I love using mixed media techniques in my art. This series uses a combination of acrylic paint, hand drawn motifs and digital color. Click below to see my collection of art prints.

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Mugs and Notebooks

Bringing my pattern designs to life on everyday objects is thrilling. They are cheerful, accessible and add beauty into everyday life.


Behind the Scenes Videos

Making videos is so much fun! And with today's easy access to great tools, you can learn to master them quickly. 

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