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From Doodles to Dollars®

Coaching Week

Join the Doodles Coaching Week!

Discover how you can take a sketch or a doodle and make a beautiful repeating pattern with it.

The opportunities are endless to put your designs on fabric, wallpaper, wrapping paper and more! Scroll down for all the details and join the Doodles Coaching Week for just $10.00.

Have you always dreamed of putting your designs on fabric or having stationery and wrapping paper with your very own designs on them?

Maybe a parent or teacher told you that you didn't have enough talent...

Or they said you can't make any money at art so you gave up on your dream.

Or you got in trouble at school because you doodled all the time!

Join me for this brand new Doodles Coaching Week. I'm going to introduce you to an incredible industry called Surface Design and teach you step by step, starting from scratch, how to create your first, or next, beautiful repeating (seamless) pattern using the magic of Adobe Illustrator.

Are you ready?

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Here's what's happening in the Doodles Coaching Week.

What is Surface Design?

When you look around you right now, how many things do you see with a pattern or design on them? Probably about 6, I'd guess. The carpet under your feet, some wrapping paper you have for Christmas, your phone case. All of those were designed by a surface designer! 

Sketch & Import

Let's get started learning Adobe Illustrator. Eeek! I can hear you saying that but here's the thing. I learned Illustrator in my late 50s and my teaching approach works! Even if you've never opened the program before, you can do this! We're going to keep it really simple to start. 

Image Trace & Color

Are you ready to add color to your doodles? I'll teach you three different ways to add color to your doodles or sketches. This part of the process is SO. MUCH. FUN.

Create Your Pattern

This is when the magic happens. We'll pick up right where we left off and you'll follow my "3 Golden Rules" for creating a perfectly repeating pattern - no seams, no mistakes!

So what's the From Doodles to Dollars® Coaching Week all about?



Everything starts on Wednesday, January 11 and all sessions take place at 1pm PST / 4pm EST and are one hour long. 


+ Jan 11: LIVE Lesson. What is Surface Design? An introduction to this amazing industry full of limitless opportunities. And a review of your "why". Why are you interested in pursuing surface design?

+ Jan 12: LIVE Lesson. Bring a simple sketch or a few of your doodles, and I'll show you how to bring them into Adobe Illustrator. I've got your back even if you've never opened the program before. 

+ Jan 13: LIVE Lesson. Ready to add color? In this session, we'll pick up where we left off, turn your sketches into vectors and you'll learn three different ways to add color to them. 

+ Jan 14: LIVE Lesson. This is when the rubber meets the road. You'll create your first (or next) repeating pattern by following my fool-proof "3 Golden Rules".

+ Jan 15: Sunday - no training. Keep working on your repeating pattern and take a QUIZ to determine what stage you're in.

+ Jan 16: LIVE Lesson. Discover the 3 most common mistakes surface designers make and how to fix them. Enrollment OPENS to my signature program, The Pattern Design Academy®

+ Jan 17: LIVE Lesson. Let's review the entire process for creating your first repeating pattern one last time and then dive into a SNEAK PEEK into The Pattern Design Academy® program.

+ Jan 18: LIVESTREAM WITH ACADEMY ALUM. Curious about what graduates of my program are doing now with their surface design skills? Join us for a livestream and get ready to be inspired.  

+ Jan 19: LIVE Lesson. Final Q&A. Ask Me Anything. The Welcome Celebration for Academy students is on Friday. You don't want to miss it. You know my motto: It's Never Too Late To Create®!


The best hands-on training you'll ever get for just $10.00.

Join us and let me take you by the hand and show you step by step how to turn a doodles or sketch into a beautifully repeating pattern. By the end of the Coaching Week, you'll be able to get fabric, wallpaper, wrapping paper and other products made with your very own design! Click the red button below and grab your seat today. 

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What Supplies Do You Need?

Here's exactly what you need to take full advantage of the Doodles Coaching Week:

  • A computer or a laptop. You can use a Mac computer or a PC computer - either is fine.
  • A subscription to Adobe Illustrator. Click HERE to get it now or wait and download the free trial on Wednesday when the Coaching Week starts
  • A few of your sketches or doodles. Keep it simple! The goal is to get you to the finish line with a repeating pattern that works. Bring 1-3 very simple doodles or sketches to the live training. 
  • A smartphone or a scanner. You'll import one of your sketches by taking a photo of it or by scanning it. Either works just fine. 
  • Your enthusiasm, creativity and joy!

Hi there! I'm Anne LaFollette

Were you creative as a child but the idea of pursuing your passion was "poo-poohed" by those around you?

Did you love to doodle pretty much all the time and occasionally that got you into trouble at school?

How about this? You really wanted to go to art school but your parents wouldn't let you because: "You can't make any money at that." 

Well, my friend, the world has changed! It's entirely possible to share your art with the world and get it manufacturer on products IN REAL LIFE! 

My story isn't that unique. I spent 25 years in a corporate job until, out of the blue, my boss fired me. In retrospect, it was the best thing that ever happened because I'd probably still be in that job if he hadn't given me the boot. 

Leaning into my creativity at the age of 58 was challenging. I didn't know where to start or what I wanted to do exactly... until I discovered Surface Design. I'd never heard of it but after making my first repeating pattern, I was hooked!

I've created this Doodles Coaching Week to introduce you to the wonderful world of surface design which, along with teaching, is my passion. 

This Coaching Week runs for a very limited time from January 11 to 19. It's the perfect place to start. Join us. I think you'll love it. 



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