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The best step-by step online course
for aspiring Surface Pattern Designers.

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The Pattern Design Academy®
is the most comprehensive program
for creating, perfecting & selling your artwork
in the surface design industry.

Discover exactly how to create beautiful illustrations and repeating patterns using the magic of Adobe Illusrattor and how to get your designs into the hands of eager companies and customers as fabric, wrapping paper, wall paper and hundreds of other products.

Who is this for?


Before I tell you all about this life-changing program, let's talk about who this is really for...

You're a multi-passionate creative who's always dreamed of putting your designs on fabric or stationery or building a creative business and you're ready to invest in yourself and build a business that allows you to share your gifts with the world and work wherever, whenever, and however you'd like.

Whether you're...

  • a mom with kids at home who's always been creative but knows that now is the perfect time to gain validation and the empowerment that comes from getting your artwork out into the world
  • a multi-passionate creative who's still in a 9 to 5 job but knows in your heart of hearts that having a viable creative business ready to soar when you retire is your true goal
  • a successful entrepreneur who's ready to expand your creative business into surface design and loves a step by step framework to follow

You're in the right place and I'm going to tell you exactly how
The Pattern Design Academy® will give you the tools, inspiration, & unparalleled support on your journey to creating & selling your artwork successfully.

 Enrollment is currently closed.

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By the end of this program,
you'll have 8 new skills:


  1. Mastered Adobe Illustrator like a boss and be able to leverage these new skills in ways you couldn't have imagined before.
  2. Created beautiful repeating patterns across a full spectrum of design types from geometrics to tossed, layered and more.
  3. Expertly developed a comprehensive series of designs that showcase your capabilities as a artist.
  4. Produced a collection of work that highlights your unique style and leans into what you love to design most.
  5. Assessed the wide variety of industries and product types open to you and decided on the right place to start.
  6. Explored the incredibly diverse options for selling your work beyond household products and fabrics including vector graphics, spot graphics, digital downloads and more. 
  7. Developed your specific business strategy that leverages what you do best and how you want to interact with customers.
  8. Crafted a compelling roadmap that gets your designs into customers hands with just the right approach

Listen to what Academy® graduates have to say.

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"I was afraid of Illustrator and said help! You were so patient with me."


"I said do something for me and I'm elated because this is what I always wanted to do."



"Not a day goes by without me remembering those first lessons
with you."


The Schedule

The Pattern Design Academy® is a 6-week program. Here's the calendar for the next class.

The Pattern Design Academy®

When you enroll, you get:

  • 8 beautifully crafted Modules that show you literally EVERYTHING you need to do to turn your artwork into beautiful and valuable designs that people want to buy.
  • A complete, step-by-step framework that shows you how to create and leverage a series of patterns and ancillary products to expand your reach and increase sales.
  • The 3 Golden Rules Formula to make sure you never deliver a design with hidden flaws and create collections that are perfectly balanced.
  • Next level creative business practices including how to manage all of the assets in your business from your website and email list to your social media presence.

Modules come out on Mondays. They include video lessons, step-by-step written guides, practice files and other resources. The program is paced in a very intentional manner. Each module builds on the skills you've acquired in prior lessons so that you have the foundation you need to move forward effectively.  

8 Modules

that take you from beginning Illustrator skills to creating a complete portfolio of work.


Learning Adobe Illustrator is the first step in opening the doors of opportunity for you in the surface design industry. Let me take you by the hand, one step at a time, as we master this program together. 


Developing a consistent and dependable approach to your design work is critical to your long-term success. The use of color is fundamental to your art. We'll dive deep into both of these topics in this module. 


Do you love to draw by hand? Or do you prefer to draw straight in the computer? We'll explore both methods as well as how to use drawing aids such as a tablet, iPad and apps like Procreate to create beautiful motifs.


Ready to jump into pattern design? We'll start with the fundamentals of what makes a good design. We'll also dive into how to identify the most common mistakes and how to fix them. Sherlock Holmes, anyone?


You're ready to expand your design skills with more complex design types. We'll create geometrics, diagonals, tossed patterns, layered patterns, and even designs with background textures. 


Designing in collections is next on your surface design journey. Expanding your skills from "one-off" designs to designs that work within a cohesive collection provides you with more opportunities to showcase your unique style. 


The Academy is not only about learning Adobe Illustrator. In these last two business modules, you'll learn how to set up your creative business for success.  We'll start with strategy first and then develop a unique roadmap for you to follow to achieve your goals.



What are the keys to success as a surface pattern designer? How do you select the best path forward that's true to your values and meets your financial objectives. As we wrap up the Academy together, you'll determine the path that's right for you. 

Check out the amazing line-up of bonuses

With your purchase of the Academy® program,
you get three core bonuses that are included every year. 

Co-Working Sessions & Q&As

Join your class cohort twice a week inside a private, members-only Facebook group. Get your questions answered so that you can move forward with clarity. Connect with a supportive, global community of like-minded creatives. This is a safe place where students find and develop new life-long friendships.


I love to look "under the hood" at your work so that I can show you step by step what you need to do next to complete your design or fix a mistake. These demos are one of the most popular parts of the Academy program! Send me your file and I'll demonstrate live exactly what you need to do next.


Apply for a laser coaching session. These sessions are an opportunity to dive into a specific issue you're struggling with. Everyone gains valuable insights from these coaching sessions. We'll get to the root of the issue and get you back on track. You won't stay stuck and will be able to move forward with confidence.

Three Brand New Bonuses

You don't want to miss these.


Co-Working Sessions! Stay connected with your class cohort and work through the lessons together. 


Accountability Pods! Make deep connections with classmates in your time zone.


Extra Implementation Week Added! Perfect for additional practice time or a needed break. 

 And returning for an encore...

These bonuses have received such rave reviews that,
yay for you, we're keeping them! 

Drawing the
Beauty of Nature

with Mindy Lighthipe

In this amazing bonus, you'll explore the versatility of creating graceful flowing lines using the crow quill pen.  Mindy is an acclaimed Natural Science Illustrator with a proven teaching approach that delivers incredible results for her students.

Create a Repeat
in Procreate

with Pauline Reilly

Do you use Procreate on your iPad? Surface designer and creative entrepreneur Pauline Reilly breaks down how to create repeats using Procreate in this fantastic bonus. Discover her tips and tricks that make magic using Procreate.

From Originals
to Retail FUN

with Tash Pristas

Do you have a pile of original artwork that you've created in the past? Wanna learn how to leverage those pieces and merchandise them successfully? In this wonderful bonus, Tash shares her best practices for success while infusing FUN along the way.

 Enrollment is currently closed.

Ready to be treated like a VIP with early access and special, exclusive bonus offers? 

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More Student Testimonials

"You will not find a more likeable, knowledgeable or trustworthy instructor/mentor.

-Vicki Harding-Wakeen

"A kind, warm community where ideas are exchanged. You opened a new creative door for me."

-Elizabeth Panting

"The Academy program exceeded my expectations. Thank you for your patience and for sharing so much wisdom."

-Stephie Thomas

Unique Features


When you join the ACADEMY program, you gain lifetime access to the course you purchased. This means you can revisit the course on your own as often as you like. The course you purchased will remain in your member library for easy access.


Join an amazing community of students from all around the globe. You'll be surrounded by support and encouragement as you share your challenges and your WINS. You'll make new lifelong friends, valuable connections and expand your network.


Your questions get answered! If you get stuck, we do LIVE demos with your work to help you move forward. This is where the magic happens and it feels like we are in the same room together. Anne's level of accessibility is unparalleled.


Accomplish your goals faster with this step-by-step proven method. Each Module builds upon the next and Anne's constant guidance and unparalleled access sets you up for long-term success.


Everyone learns differently. The ACADEMY contains material offered in a variety of ways to support how you learn best. Videos, cheat sheets, step-by-step guides, practice files, closed captioning, and transcripts.


Invest 100% risk free. The 7-day "no questions asked" guarantee is our way of giving you a no fault option. Just send an email before the guarantee expires. There are no hoops to jump through.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Academy has a 99% "highly recommend" approval rating.




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Ready for
The Pattern Design Academy? 
I can't wait...

Creating products with my own designs on them has literally changed my life.

I've experienced first hand the heart break and trauma of losing one's job. I got laid off, totally unexpectedly, at the age of 55 from a company I loved and thought I'd work at forever.

But I emerged from that experience and reinvented myself because you know what? I'm not dead yet and I have a lot to offer this world. And so do you.

If you've always dreamed of putting your own designs on fabric, or having your own stationery line complete with gift cards and wrapping paper, or you're ready to build or grow a creative business, you owe it to yourself to explore what your life as a surface designer looks like.

Come experience first hand the empowerment, validation, and talent you have within you - and take real, tangible steps to share your art and bring joy to hundreds of customers all over the world.

Join us! I'm confident that this journey will be completely and utterly life changing for you.