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Enjoy these stories of transformation from creatives just like you who decided "It's Never Too Late To Create®" and took the leap. Their experiences and thoughts about The Pattern Design Academy® speak volumes. Enjoy! 

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Virginia Wygal

"Until now, I was never able to grasp Adobe Illustrator. Anne’s approach is the only one that made learning this program easy! I was able to follow her step-by-manageable-step approach, and her coaching style is fantastic! I am now a mixed media collage artist and am incorporating Surface Pattern Design into my artistic repertoire. I could never have imagined a more fulfilling “second half” without Anne’s example and guidance. I now have a blossoming creative practice, and an online course that helps other midlife women discover their own creative strength and build a path forward".

Pauline Reilly

"I have loved every minute of The Pattern Design Academy®. Anne takes you step-by-step through the modules, and the LIVE videos keep you focused. I was so excited when each week's module was opened to us. It is great to have other students with you on the journey, supporting each other and looking at the work we shared. This course has set me firmly on the path of my next adventure into a new business and I have Anne to thank for that".

Maria Pezzano

"Anne is such an awesome instructor, and a kind and supportive person. This program progressed naturally, and it was easy to follow along. It made sense as it unfolded. Interaction with group members was so fun and inspiring. I liked the video chats, the demos, and the lessons. I also especially liked meeting like minded people".

Tamerie Halliday

"Even though I already was quite familiar with Adobe Illustrator at this point, there was still new information and skills to learn. Everybody works at their own pace, as she is always emphasizing so that we all feel cared about and supported. I am finally to the point of actually designing my website and all Anne's knowledge and help is invaluable. Anne is a wonderful teacher and her course is worth so much more than the actual cost".

Rebecca Clark

"Life took a turn many years ago. I could not pick up a paint brush. I was frozen, with my creativity screaming to get out. My desires went from "I can do that" to "I'll get to that to someday". I saw Anne LaFollette's Facebook ad about a free course called "Doodles to Dollars®" and decided I had time to do something for myself. As we started and I followed the program, I continued to do the work and realized how much fun it was. My creative senses had been awoken to a world that I did not know existed. It was a no brainer when Anne introduced her Pattern Design Academy® course. In a time when I could have stayed negative toward things happening in our world and nation, I was given a positive uplift. Anne LaFollette's Pattern Design class is the most complete and inspiring course to take if you have a desire to be creative. Her infamous saying "It's never too late to create®" is so true. Take a leap of faith like I did. Your dreams can come true, just dream it!"

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Patti Hemberger

"If you think you can't do something hard, Anne LaFollette is the girl for you. The Pattern Design Academy® is chock full of intense instruction, tips, and resources, and Anne is the consummate online teacher. The course is incredibly organized, with an easy to follow format, complete with video lessons, downloadable transcripts, live Q&A sessions, private Facebook support community, email questions, and one-on-one zoom meetings. And then there's Anne - it feels like she has been living and working alongside of me throughout this journey! Her expertise, enthusiasm, encouragement and kindness is unprecedented and makes all the difference in learning something new".

Fiona Watson

"I was so thrilled to be able to join the Pattern Design Academy®. I was looking for an online course that nurtured creativity and encouraged participants. Not only did I find that within Anne’s course, but I also learned and achieved so much. I am a designer, but I struggle with marketing and confidence, having not gone through design school. This course and the encouragement I have received have certainly given me inspiration and the guidance to move forward. Anne takes you through the step by step processes needed to create your elements to begin pattern design, right through to creating a pattern collection, and selling them online. I found the exercises in Adobe Illustrator alone were worth the value of the course. Thank you Anne".

Pamela Lengyel

"I have taken many classes online over many years and I have to say that Anne is the most devoted and involved and caring teacher I ever had the pleasure to learn from. The Academy is absolutely a no-brainer if you would like to learn Surface Pattern Design."

Milly Hough

"The Pattern Design Academy® is chock-full of content, but offered in small bites to avoid overwhelm. I looked forward to each new lesson. This investment in myself began paying off on Day One of the course, and I am now on a continuous learning journey as a creative!"

Dianna Holland

"I enjoyed the course immensely! Learned a lot of new things and learned how to fix mistakes and work through problems. Anne's willingness to give personal attention to her students is something I hadn't seen in other courses".

Natasha Zahn Pristas

"Anne LaFollette's Pattern Design Academy® delivered the instruction and steps I needed to get my artwork and designs from paper to more flexible digital files. Because of the skills I learned in these modules, I understand the process of getting my original art into designs and patterns to be used on a variety of products. The course offered behind the scenes information for designing work and managing a creative business. I'll be returning to these modules again and again as I hone my skills".

Prontip Larson

"Anne strips away any doubt that one might have about learning surface design with her laid back, easy to understand style of teaching. The course is well organized with clear verbal instruction and a workable pace. I like that the different topics are isolated into chapters with time stamps. She covered the basics right off the bat, so beginners can get a good start and not get frustrated. I give a hardy thanks for this course and all that Anne does. PDA met my expectations."

Katie Butterfield

"I signed up for Anne’s program with the goal of making unique patterns to help me with my caregiver website. In addition to teaching the basics of Surface Pattern Design, Anne also covered multiple ways we, (her students), could use our newfound skill in our personal and professional lives. Patterns are everywhere! I appreciate that Anne taught us a new skill, AND gave us ideas on how to move forward and actually use the new skill we invested money in learning. Her course is worth every penny".

Kathleen Lambert

"Though I had always been intimidated by Adobe Illustrator, and not so confident about my artistic ability, in a few short weeks I'm making artwork that I'm proud of enough to share online. I never thought this world of art would be open to me, but now I dream of new possibilities daily".

Shalini Ayre

"One of my goals was to finalize my logo, tagline etc., and my other goal was to create a Society6 banner. Thanks to all the helpful feedback from the community, I've finalized those elements. My daughter loves cats and the color pink, and wanted me to design her new school backpack. I said "I'll see". It will be a surprise which I hope she'll love!"

Lisette Niemand

"Anne LaFollette's lessons are presented in a very friendly manner and in nice bite size timed videos. Great hands on learning and her live Q&A sessions are a huge support. It's a great community of learning to buy into, and I can highly recommend this course. Anne is with you every step of the way. Encouraging and guiding. It's a great course".

Jennifer Veals Gilbert

"After working as an RN at the same company for 20 years, I was unexpectedly fired. It was devastating. I had stopped painting and creating for 30 years when my marriage fell apart, and just started back about 7 years ago. It is my passion, my happy place. I had the dream of making my own wrapping paper 30 years ago. Somehow, I found Anne and she is the answer to my prayers. Thank you for sharing not only your talent, but your life. Anne’s programs are a heartfelt invitation to step in a new direction with confidence and knowledge. I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur since the age of 16 - the earliest I can remember. My advice to you is: Not to be afraid. If you can believe it, then it’s meant to be. Just do it. Anne is a very patient teacher and there is a great supportive community as well".

Val Price

"As a seasoned graphic designer with limited skills in Illustrator, I learned so many new ways to use the program, and I'm so proud that now I am able to create a large variety of patterns. Anne has every type of student in mind when she presents the information, and it's great that she gives you video as well as written content. I highly recommend this course for anyone who wants to find new ways to express your creativity, and various avenues for monetizing one's creative skills. I'm so excited to see where my new creative skills lead me!"

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Tracey Diamond

"I'm so glad you got fired. This course came along at a time when I was not only bringing my artwork back to life, but thinking a lot about what directions I can go in with it. It has been so much fun to take Doodles®. I make more detailed illustrations and give them an entirely new way to go out into the world! So excited to get my shops started and create a whole new business as a Pattern Designer".

Ilynn Adler

"If you have a desire to create designs for products, fabrics, home goods,etc., this is THE CLASS for you! I always thought I'd love to design my own fabrics for my quilts. Not only have I learned the skills to do that, but I have inspiration for so much more than just fabrics! And age is not an issue...young or old, YOU can do this!!!!"

Rebecca Martinez

"I very much enjoyed this course on Surface Design. Ms. LaFollette is articulate and thorough in her instruction, never assuming that we might be fluent with computer skills or tools, but not laboring those points either. Surface Design has long been a passion for me and now I have the expertise to build collections. So many ideas!"

Barbara Rosson

"Anne, your course has done so much more than teach pattern design. It's reunited me with my inner artist, and helped me rediscover the joyful world of color and creativity that I've neglected for so many years. I didn't realize how important it is, or how much I was missing out. It feels like oxygen for my soul. Your simple, clear instructions allowed me to effortlessly overcome my fear of technology that's been holding me back. Now I feel free to happily explore all the possibilities you've introduced me to, and I'm so grateful!!"

Katia Galante

"My horizon has finally cleared! Only a few months ago, I looked to the future and only saw dense fog. Surface Design has given me a new purpose and I’m enthusiastic about life again. I recently received a yard of cotton fabric with most of the patterns I’ve created since I started with SPD about 8 months ago. I still have a lot of work to do but I can already see the improvement. As Anne says: It’s Never Too Late To Create®."

Deborah J Wolfe

"I love the cheat sheets, transcripts, and the audio files, to refer back to if we do not have internet available. You have your material practice, so there is not lag time on your videos . Smooth presentation. Very enjoyable. Thank You."

Carmellia Chavers

"The art is so mind-blowing! It's the best investment I've made as far as me learning. When I first started doing it, I couldn't sleep because there would be a pattern in my head, and I even signed a contract on one of my first designs in Doodles® which Anne helped me fix in a weekend troubleshooting session. She gives so much of her time. I really appreciate you, Anne."

Maria Cecilia Jara

"I have learned so much these weeks; not only about Adobe Illustrator or Pattern Design, which is a lot already, but these weeks also opened doors about my creativity, unlocking years of dreams and visions that I never really thought could come true. And here I am, with lots of ideas, design ideas, business ideas, all kind of ideas…. I am just starting, I know, but I know now I have the strength, the guts, and the knowledge to give it a try. And I have the support and safe environment in the community Anne has created around us. It is all out there!"

Susie Pogue

"Since joining Anne’s program, I have gained the confidence to pursue Surface Design and enjoy the flexibility I need to spend time with my son. I’m developing a flourishing artistic business and hope to inspire others to pursue their passion! I made money almost immediately by selling my work at a craft fair. I’m now finalizing a licensing contract to put my designs on baby carriages."

Bonnie Fitts

"My biggest AHA moment was understanding that it’s not too late for me. Age is just a number, right? And Anne’s tag line: It’s Never Too Late To Create® really resonates with me. I actually understand Adobe Illustrator and had anyone told me that 6 months ago, I would have laughed. Now I prance around in there comfortably!"

Denise Beverly

"After being told by an art teacher in school that I had no talent, it’s been very satisfying 50 years later to get back into sketching and put my own designs into the world. Thank you, Anne, and your creative community for the help and encouragement along the way. I would have given up at some point without all of you."

Mary Chapman-Smith

"I always had interest in art, fashion design, and textiles. I was amazed I could do all three! In approaching my journey, I devoured Skillshare classes and enjoyed the classes tremendously. In Anne’s Pattern Design Academy® (thanks Anne!), I had my AHA moment when I learned to make my first repeating pattern successfully. It’ such an incredible feeling! I have several products on ShopVida.com uner BUJU KOESEL, an anagram of material ancestors and my daughter. I already have cushions, bed linens, purses, umbrellas, wraps, t-shirts, tea towels. When Anne says the possibilities are endless, she’s right!"

Heather Lowery

"My biggest challenge prior to joining Anne’s course was discovering my signature style. Many think that with a background in graphic design, it would not be hard. Well, for me it is. Anne’s encouragement and the support from others in her groups is invaluable."

Annie Tempest

"The skill I have acquired is not to be afraid of the computer. Surface Design enables me to leverage my existing skills as a cartoonist and expand my business. I have loved doing Anne’s course."

Barbara Abbatiello

"My AHA moment came during Anne’s 100-Day Challenge. I think everything has to be figured out in my head and has to be a masterpiece before my pencil or brush hits the paper. That’s a lot of pressure, right? Now I tell myself I just need to create something good or bad for 15 minutes a day. This gives me the freedom to experiment."

Melissa Tubbs

"I’m a pen and ink artist creating finely detailed drawings of architecture among other things. Pen and ink is a laborious medium and I’ve always thought that I could adapt my drawings for use as surface designs. If you want to learn Pattern Design, Anne is the best person to learn from. She teaches without assuming you already know how to do some of the things you need to know. Her videos are tremendously helpful and her teaching style is great because she covers all the basics and doesn’t assume a newbie knows anything. One of the best courses I’ve taken."

Karen Booth

"Don't let the fact that computers or design programs scare you or you feel your artistic skills are not very strong deter you from taking this program. Anne is an amazing teacher and guide. She will have you master the steps to completing a pattern repeat and gaining confidence along the way. You'll surprise yourself!"

Maria Dominquez

"I was looking for ways to fullfil my creative urges and develop a skill that I can enjoy and perhaps develop into a cottage business. It’s never too late®, right? I’m having a blast and look forward to those free moments when I can join my fellow artists and you, Anne, as our coach for an online dose of positivity and fun!"

Shari Goodall

"Joining Anne’s Surface Pattern Design programs has been one of the best things that I have ever done. It’s given me a new lease on life. I suffer from fibromyalgia, so I can’t work for long periods of time, and need the flexibility and joy that Surface Design offers. It’s been transformative for me to have this joyful outlet for my creativity. I can’t thank Anne enough."

Lisa Gunnoe

"I’m a housewife in my mid-50s with one year of college a very long time ago. I suffered a life altering brain injury that permanently changed my life with loss of focus, concentration, and memory challenges. My background and Anne’s are different but with my children growing up and moving out, and with my husband’s job changes, I found myself with some life changes that left me in unknown territory. Anne’s story of transformation inspires me to create my own story. My best chapters are yet to come. I can apply this not only to my art practice but to all areas of my life. Anne was a few years older than I am now when she had to reinvent herself. Her tagline, It’s Never Too Late To Create®, speaks to me. I think Surface Design is something that I can passionately love doing. And I’m excited by my progress."

If you don't think you have the talent to become a surface designer, listen up...

Everything worth doing takes effort and starts with one step. If you're thinking "I'm too old to learn something new" or "where do I even start?", just know that these thoughts came up for every successful artist you see on this page. 

Whether you've never open Adobe Illustrator before, have no idea how to build a successful creative business, or you're apprehensive about the tech - we ALL start at the beginning. What matters most is your willingness to try and keep moving forward. 

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